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Takamatsu Construction Group is a collection of 22 companies, with Takamatsu Construction Group Co., Ltd. as the holding company. Our Group is led by two leading companies; Takamatsu Construction Co., Ltd. and Aoki Asunaro Construction Co., Ltd.
Takamatsu Construction Group has three business pillars; construction, civil engineering and real estate. Our credo is to always quickly respond to various client requests and to create what is truly appreciated. The Group Companies, each with unique and professional strength, cooperate as partners to grow corporate value and to nurture true competitive edge.
Company Takamatsu Construction Group Co.,Ltd.
Headquarter 1-2-3 Shin-kitano, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0025
Phone: +81-6-6303-8101
Tokyo Headquarter 4-8-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014
Phone: +81-3-3455-8108
Foundation October, 1917
Company Formation June, 1965
President & Representative Director of the Board
Nobuhiko Yoshitake
Director of the Board
Honorary Chairperson
Takayuki Takamatsu
& Representative Director of the Board
Kanji Ogawa
President & Representative Director of the Board
Nobuhiko Yoshitake
Representative Director of the Board
Takayoshi Takamatsu
Director of the Board
Yoshinori Matsushita
Masaru Ishida
Akira Kitamura
Hirotaka Takamatsu
Ryoji Ichiki
Takatoshi Takamatsu
Yasunobu Ueno
Toshitaka Hagiwara (External Director)
Masahiro Nishide
Shigehiro Aoyama(External Director)
Hideyuki Takamatsu
Yasushi Tsujii
Auditor of the Board (full-time)
Koji Shibata (External Auditor)
Michinari Fujiwara (External Auditor)
Auditor of the Board
Tomokuni Tsuno (External Auditor)
Hideto Nakahara (External Auditor)
Nobuhiko Yoshitake
Vice President
Takayoshi Takamatsu
Senior Director
Yoshinori Matsushita
Hiroyuki Izutsu
Minoru Tsunoda
Shingo Ueda
Masahiro Shimabayashi
Details of Directors
Capital 5 billion yen
Revenue 249.7 billion yen (Consolidated, FY ended March 2019)
No. of Employees 3,915 (Consolidated , as of March31.2019)
Line of Business Holding Company (Takamatsu Construction Group Co., Ltd)
Listed Market First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Securities code: 1762)

The above information is as of 05/13/2019 unless otherwise noted