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Takamatsu Construction Group : Our Goal

The Philosophy of Takamatsu Construction Group is to conduct the construction business as a mutually complementary activity vital to society. We are committed to conduct all Group activities to earn an excellent reputation among customers, business partners, shareholders, other stakeholders as well as general public. We aim to link our activities to lead into the growth of total corporate value of our Group.
To accomplish this objective, we seek for bigger growth and higher profitability. However, our credo is to refuse to overly prioritize profitability. For example, we will never use improper or fraudulent methods nor seek speculative profits.

Japan's Domestic Construction Investment and TCG Outlook

Takamatsu Construction Group grew by accepting many companies through M&A, and further accelerated the growth through synergy effects as well as cooperation and competition among our Group Companies. We achieved smooth corporate revenue and market share increase after the start of Abenomics in December 2012. Considering our current order status, we are rather optimistic about our future orders and revenue. We believe we can further increase our market share in the Japanese construction market even if the total market size remains as it is for FY March 2017.

Our Mid Term Plan

Mid Term Plan "TRY NEXT CENTURY 2020" (From April 2017 through March 2020)

Growth Strategy of Takamatsu Group

We will expand our business with focus on real estate utilization projects of Tokyo Metropolitan Area. We will create an organization and recruit sufficient new graduates to enable this continued growth. We will also expand Takamatsu Techno Service and Takamatsu Estate businesses that are planned to grow in accordance with Takamatsu Corp.

Base StrategyGoal
Takamatsu Corp ・Concentrate in condominiums for rental purpose in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
・Strengthen salesforce
・Strengthen recruitment and training programs
Revenue for FY March 2020
(+42%vs FY Mar.17)
Takamatsu Estate
Takamatsu Techno Service
JP Home
・Expand business by strengthening alliance with Takamatsu Corp
Suminoe Kogei
Kongo Gumi
・Strengthen salesforce in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Growth Strategy of Asunaro Aoki Group

Since we foresee flat to negative growth for mid to long term construction market of Japan, we try to expand business fields as well as improve efficiency by introducing i-construction and seek to maintain operating profit margin of 5%.

Architecture ・Secure customers through strategical sales activities
・mprove anti-seismic technology such as anti-seismic brace methods
Revenue for FY March 2020
(+16%vs FY Mar.17)
Civil Engineering

・Strengthen agronomical environment organization and enhance technological capability
・Consider entrance into wind power generation EPC market
・Consider replacement technologies of wind power

Common ・Improve efficiency and productivity by promoting i-construction
・Challenge new schemes (eg: PFI, PPI)
・Strengthen renewal related businesses
・Strengthen salesforce towards waste treatment plants, etc.

Measures to Strengthen Enterprise & Management Basis

Base strategyGoalMeasures, Status Quo, etc.
Enterprise basis Maximize Group strength Optimize enterprise portfolio ・Understand SWOT of the Group with birds eye view and create optimized portfolio
Promote strategic M&A ・In addition to "response" type M&A, start "active search" type M&A
Strengthen Group management control ・Strengthen PDCA of Mid-term plan→Annual plan→Monthly KPI Meeting
Strengthen IR ・Increase meetings with analyst/institutional investors/foreign investors
・Increase disclosure of important documents in English
Business basis HR development / HR policies improvement Continue high level of recruiting # of new graduates hired
Improve working environment ・Change HR policies in accordance with "Way of Work Revolution" led by Gov't.
HR development ・Improve and expand training & education programs
Group governance Strengthen risk control capability ・Strengthen Internal Audit and Legal Departments
Improve risk control capability ・Strengthen emergency employee check system /critical situation IR
Capital policies Focus on dividend payout ratio ・FY Mar.'16=21.1%
→FY Mar.'17=23.5%
・For FY Mar.'18, plans 26.2% including Commemorative Dividend
・Plan to continue 25%+ payout ratio after FY Mar'19

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