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Company Introduction

  • Three story pagoda, Sangakuin

    Three story pagoda, Sangakuin

  • Five story pagoda, Denjo-Temple

    Five story pagoda, Denjo-Temple

  • Main Temple, Daijo-ji

    Main Temple, Daijo-ji

The main job of Nakamura-Shaji is to design, construct, repair and restore shrines, temples and other religion related architectures. Nakamura Shaji can trail back its history more than 1,100 years, starting as a temple carpenter.  As a group of experts of temple and shrine construction, Nakamura Shaji continues to pass on the wisdoms of their predecessors, challenge the culture and skill faithfully through expertise and heart, so that Nakamura Shaji can be the eternal guardian of temples and shrines to present their warmth and beauty to the next generation.

Company Profile

Name Nakamura-Shaji Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 7-4-3 Shirosaki-Dori, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi
Founded 970 (Year 1, Ten-roku)
Business Design and construction of shrines and temples, restoration and repair of cultural heritage buildings.