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Company Introduction

  • Charm Kyoto Otowa

    Charm Kyoto Otowa

  • Allur'e Mitejima

    Allur'e Mitejima

  • Lunasol Ichiban-cho

    Lunasol Ichiban-cho

Takamatsu Corporation proposes, presents, designs and constructs all kinds of architectures such as condominiums for rental, buildings and factories. Takamatsu Corporation provides stable real estate utilization for our clients by constructing highly popular real estate of the area by combining first class buildings with thoroughly studied marketing approach. We will design, build and conduct first class finishing by following tougher standards than the Buildings Standards Act, not only for condominiums but also for business related buildings. We construct buildings that are loved and recognized as the landmark of the area.


Company Profile

Name Takamatsu Corporation
Head Office 1-2-3 Shin-Kitano, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
Founded October 1917
Business General architecture (real estate utilization, condominiums for rental, commercial buildings and others)