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Company Introduction

  • Excavation of Furo Tani Ruin

    Excavation of Furo Tani Ruin

  • 爆砕工事

    Heijo-kyo Ruin

  • ジャストショット吹付の様子

    Stone wall, Okazaki Park east end

By utilizing high level of civil engineering capability, Shimada-Gumi accumulated its safe, accurate and successful records in the field of excavation, research, analysis, preservation, relocation and maintenance of archaeological resources. By utilizing its abundant experience, Shimada-Gumi will respond to customer needs such as planning the scheme of pre-construction archaeological research and other various required procedures.

Company Profile

Name Shimada-Gumi Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 3-20-2Yugeco-Minami, Yao-shi, Osaka
Founded March 1965
Business Excavation, analysis & preservation of archaeological resources and civil engineering