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Company Introduction

  • Tokyo International Airport

    Tokyo International Airport

  • Tomei Expressway No.2

    Tomei Expressway No.2

  • Bridge pillar, Hiroshima Expressway

    Bridge pillar, Hiroshima Expressway

The main pillars of business of Mirai Construction are harbor & marine civil engineering, environment protection works and design & construction of living, culture & business related facilities. Under the concept of "Create our future (=mirai) to be safe and comfortable", we aim to contribute to the society as well as propose new living environment. For the future (=mirai) generation, we provide flexible imagination that looks beyond our time, with technology & creativity accumulated by abundant experience and thorough service.


Company Profile

Name Mirai Construction Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 4-6-12 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Founded September 1974
Business General construction (Harbor, marine civil engineering, ground improvement, environment protection work, road, tunnel, water & sewage system, flood countermeasure, factories, warehouse, public facilities, etc.)