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Company Introduction

  • Soil and sand unloader

    Soil and sand unloader "AOKI MAR2001"

  • Reclamation of Marine-pia Kobe

    Reclamation of Marine-pia Kobe

  • Kobe International Airport under construction

    Kobe International Airport under construction

The main pillars of business of Aoki Marine are civil engineering (reclamation, dredging, harbors and rivers) and maritime logistics. Under the motto "Live together and work friendly with the sea, which is the mother of all the creatures of this planet", we continue and expand our business of marine civil engineering and domestic maritime logostics.

Company Profile

Name Aoki Marine Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 4-6-12 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Founded June 1979
Business Marine reclamation, marine civil engineering, harbor construction and maritime logistics